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Feature - The Background Picker

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With the latest update to the forum you can can pick your own background image form a pre-selected group I have uploaded.
You don't like the school of Powder Blues? Then prehaps you would prefer a nice Lord Acan or maybe keep it old school with simple EMF blue background.

On the top right of your screen you will see the paintbrush button as below ...


Click this and you will get the backgorund selection drop down ...


Simples! Give it a try.
Personnally i prefer bright vibrant looking forums but i totally understand there are plent yof people out there who prefer something more sedate.

If you have an image you think that will suit the background of the site perfectly thne please let me know and i'll give it a try see how it look, and if it works we can make it available via the picker.

Enjoy  .W.


Note: This feature will not be available on mobile browsers or when accessing the site via an app such as Tapatalk

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On 04/12/2016 at 8:38 PM, Trevor said:

Hi guys wen I change the background pic ..... wen I come out of the forum it goes back to old image ?

Hi Trevor, this feature shouild be fixed now with the latest update i've just implemented. Your preference is saved locally in your browser cookie so you should only loose your selection if you clear your cookies or switch browser. Give it another go and let me know.

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