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Darren West

tank change around

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so i currently have a 18' sq frag tank that is a bit small

so the plan is to move the current frag tank lower down and fill it with algeas 

then to replace the work top and put this tank up there



currently sitting in the garden with 80 degree water and the water is heavily chlorinated to remove any nasties that roy had a problem with 

this tank was built for roy but as you all know he has removed his old system and has a stunning new tank in the making 


i have already drained the old frag tank and just about to pop out to get some plumbing bits for it 

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so the big tank has been in soak for 2 hours and then i put it in my hot tub with the jets on for a hour 

the descaled and other chemicals should deff kill any thing else in the tank


after that i have sprayed white vinegar all over it and scrubbed the tank , rinsed it and I'm happy that nothing will survive that lot of cleaning


re siliconed the tank connectors and painted the back and sides  


its not in place with a new bit or worktop i found at work 


i did not actually plan to get this up and running for a few weeks but once i got started i just kinda kept going 


filling up with ro and a heater in there along with a power head

im kinda hoping to have enough water in there to be able to add the frags tonight and the 2 clown fish

ill leave it as a stand alone system for tonight and connect up the pumps and return once the silicon has dried


got the algae tank all re connected up with a led light over it 



I'm hoping that once the algae grows it will consume some of the phosphates and in turn make my rowa last longer 

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