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Phil's ACS Triton Reef

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Well since Roy has been nagging me to start my build, and I finally dug out the laptop, I thought I better do one.

So I best start with the specs. The tank is an Aquarium Cabinet Solutions.  Built in the modern style, as Nick likes to call it.  The tank itself is a fit filtration, the rest is made up by Nick.  I decided to go with a pelmet, as Im not too keen on rimless, plus I wanted to hide as much as possible the leds I had over the tank at the time.

The tank itself is 4 ft long, 3 ft wide, and 2ft deep.  Went for 3ft wide as it gives for a nice scape, and volume, whilst still fitting in the space. So its roughly 690 litres.

The sump just shy of 3ft square, allowing plenty of volume.  The sump is set out per triton guidelines, with a large algae bed first, which should be a minimum of 10% total volume (later found that this is not enough). The next is fed from the overflow of the first.  In this section is housed the skimmer and an any extra reactors etc.  The flow is next fed under in to the last chamber which houses the return pump.

The cabinet is finished in a gloss black, with a metal frame.


Will finish this later.  Beer and xbox time in the pub


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