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Selling all stock

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Moving house and don't want the hassle of moving live stock and tank as done it 3 times already.

Collection will be from En1 4Nz .

It will be be sold to whoever turns up 1st as previously had people say they would come to collect but never turn up wasting my time, there are fish for sale also. Fish have been with me for up to 8years(Mandarin -eating frozen)sailfin tang,mimic angel, banana wrasse, yellow tail wrasse, clown tang, chalk goby,chisel tooth wrasse,,coralsll over a year plus.

See pics for prices corals to go 1st.58c285547d57165b6db9d2c59034161a.jpg1b2b350a6e9afbd55764677d10127fe6.jpgb021fc888411dad7edc9c09311aa6507.jpg3c1969fd7da9e1f604e92e5064fcdcc8.jpg5bfd5e78a18932ae9604454fcaa01135.jpg0a1902eb581e5dafdd9d9f35d21a9408.jpg9ec7228849b4da4ec6010d42c71f8baa.jpga967d83afcdd635b9f9d6d26839cd37a.jpg9bc9b6370dd73812c557f609eae3961d.jpg708c4908821e32ccda7313487a0f2b63.jpg9f0e3144f723160e66fa845991cad423.jpg480de8978aa05d6992c87cba20b09857.jpgaf18ef98da9b6f1e10525777c28d7705.jpg0df07f230d16c5f1665a872b2e4d8706.jpg604c072d4d07cc8029c7be8ac86e31a2.jpg


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