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Hi *Waves*

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Hi all, from up the road in Ipswich :-) 

I'm Kirsty, midwife turned marine biologist (talk about change of direction!). 

I have an EAreef 1500S full reef, a 1000L FOWLR, and a smaller seahorse tank. So a little mix of everything really. 

I'm a regular contributor to UltraMarine magazine, and always on the look out for any new topics, so feel free to shoot some my way!

I found my way here after being flagged as a bit of a keyboard warrior on the local Facebook groups, but honest, I'm really actually very nice 😄. I guess I just let my enthusiasm and passion get the better of me which doesn't go down too well at times. 

Thanks for accepting my join request!

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Hi Kirsty,

Thanks for joining us. As discussed, we are a friendly bunch with a common aim - to provide support \ back up network for one another and hopefully create a database of knowledge and reference material.


Please fill free to post interesting topics and get some discussions going.


Also, it would be good if you can find time to do a tank thread. 


Look forward to chatting.


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Keyboard warrior on FB, quite a few of those out there

Anyway, be interested to here more about your seahorse tank.



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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