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  1. Single wav

    Lol thought u was after a wave maker
  2. Single wav

    Hi what size u looking for ?
  3. Flame angel

    Flame angel up for swap if anyone interested
  4. Candy cane

    That is a nice candy ...reminds me one of my old one few years back before I shit down
  5. My Four footer

    Looking crystal clear
  6. Paul's Red Sea Reefer 450L

    Lovely tank paul
  7. Paul's Red Sea Reefer 450L

    Definantly will be in touch in new year ... wanna try a tester spa frag in new year 1st
  8. Paul's Red Sea Reefer 450L

    Hopefully my tank is ready for some frags/corals when you trim ....
  9. Paul's Red Sea Reefer 450L

    Few nice bits in there Paul ... looking good
  10. Rw8 wave makers

    External .... I have 2 old rw8 from previous ... and i can’t seem to find the external magnets
  11. My Four footer

    Nice ... may be something to look into when I get round to setting up
  12. My Four footer

    Hi ... just had a google n see what the clarisea is .. are the water fed buy a separate pump ? And did you notice a water quality difference
  13. Does anyone know if the magnets can be brought separately for the above ?