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  1. Id please

  2. Id please

    Hi could some Id these please I've also got another pic I'll post as can only add one to the post thanks in advanced
  3. Test kits

    Hi all when I brought my setup i brought red sea test kits can be a bit hit n miss sometimes. What kits do u all use and is anyone using hanna checkers thanks in advance
  4. Protein skimmer

    Anyone else using different skimmer looking for results and options
  5. Protein skimmer

    300l, sanrise led , lps and soft corals live sand live rock , refugum in sump cleaner shrimps crabs snails 3fish bubble mag reactors carbon and phos ban bubble mag c3.5 skim salinity 1.026 alk 10 ph 8.3 mag 1480 cal 450 nitrate 20ppm nitrite 0 ammonia 0 phos 0.03
  6. Protein skimmer

    Hi all I'm currently running a bubble magus c3.5 I've played with depth of water it's in but it still doesn't really pull out much skim. My stock levels are pretty low but I wondered if there's a better skimmer out there and what u guys recommend.