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  1. Used 25 litres of Siporax stacked in egg crate containers. Used for a few months but has been sitting in the garden for last 6 months being bleached by the sun and washed by the rain. £50 collection from Braintree
  2. TMC Aquahabitat 60 in white. heater / upgraded skimmer / upgraded return pump / sand / Marco rock. very good condition - no scratches to glass. (No lights) £50 collection from Braintree
  3. Free to a good home i have a piece of rock about 2kgs covered in coraline algae and red mushrooms. also, a small fist size colony of green palys. must be collected today from Great Notley, Braintree
  4. Shallow minimalist

    Ok ok i’m back in the country (for the next 6 weeks anyway). i’ll get the pipework done this week and then Darren can come in and do the electrics
  5. Shallow minimalist

    Patience grasshopper!! Old tank is being shut down today / tomorrow and moved out of the way. I’m then away for a month. When I get back the new tank will be set up. i have all the pipework for the plumbing. The only thing I need is an additional light unit but there is no rush for that
  6. Tom's four foot tank

    Well done Tom. Tank of the Month on Ultimate Reef
  7. AI Hydra 52

    Are you serious - £400??? I’m sorry but I think you will struggle to get £200 for a non hd 52.
  8. The first section of my sump is going to be a refuge so the algae will deal with it and anything that makes it to the second chamber will be dealt with by the skimmer. it worked well on my previous system. i only used a crap trap on my current system to stop the potential for the siporax to clog up but i’m Not using siporax on the new system. Rob - you don’t use filter socks do you?
  9. I’m not going to bother using socks or any kind of crap trap in my new system. If you do use them, make sure you clean them regularly. As soon as the sock looks brown, it is holding nutrients that you want to remove and not allow to get dissolved into the water that is continuously passing through it
  10. lost mojo

    I know you mentioned this the other day and I feel the same about work - I just can’t be arsed!! I’m sure you will get the enthusiasm back but if after a while you still feel something is missing, consider downsizing and setting up a new tank. Setting up a new tank, always gets the juices flowing again
  11. Shallow minimalist

    No progress i’m afraid. Against my better judgement I have decided to go to work for a few days this week so that has slowed me down
  12. Frags

    Darren West may have some
  13. Hi *Waves*

    Hi Kirsty, Thanks for joining us. As discussed, we are a friendly bunch with a common aim - to provide support \ back up network for one another and hopefully create a database of knowledge and reference material. Please fill free to post interesting topics and get some discussions going. Also, it would be good if you can find time to do a tank thread. Look forward to chatting. Roy
  14. Local road trip

    Yeah we missed a few shops. Phil has a good relationship with Cliff at Fintasia but I think he is a merchant Banker. We also avoided Coral Passion for the same reason!! So Kevin, you got your mojo back?
  15. Local road trip

    Yesterday Phil and myself did a local road trip. 1 - Swallows Colchester. Nice chat with Alex. Some nice corals and fish. (Off topic but the highlight is their poisonous frog display) 2 - Marine Reef Colchester. Again a nice chat with a really helpful guy. Unfortunately the tanks were dirty and had a serious problem with gha. The positives for me - they stock a massive range of plumbing bits and back copies of Ultra Marine magazine for £1 each. 3 - Swallows Rayleigh. Nice selection of fish - all looked healthy and nice clean tanks. Corals - no comment. 4 - Creation Wickford. No Comment 5 - Manor Koi Wickford. Had some Bubble gum Millipora which were cheap if you wanted to take the chance you could save them. 6 - E,marines Wickford. Closed even though it said on the door it was open Monday’s?? 7 - Reefscape Ipswich Closed 8 - Reef Exotics Colchester Closed