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  1. new project in the planning stages

    so its full of water and salt , all heated up and ammonia was added on friday , then the bacteria on sunday the ammonia was up to 2 , todays tests say its at 0.5 , so the plan is to allow it to drop to zero then ill add some more ammonia and if that also drops out then i assume i do have some bacteria doing their job the tank is being fed even tho there are no stock in there , this is to feed the bacteria
  2. new project in the planning stages

    no paul the wall is being removed between the utility room and the lounge then the new tank is against the back wall
  3. Rw8 wave makers

    i will have a look , im sure i have some old jabeo magnets
  4. Rw8 wave makers

    internal or external ?
  5. new project in the planning stages

    well the tank is in its new home , i have aquascaped the centre and right side but run out of rock will slowly start to fill with water tomorrow , the tank manufacturer said 7 days from delivery but as this is a std sticker already printed i assume its generic and it does not take in to account that they built it 4 days ago , but it will take 5 days to fill i reckon any way then i plan on adding the salt saturday then the ammonia sunday to start the cycle off
  6. Jebao wave makers

    i can only tell you i have 2 of the first wp40 powerbeads and they re still running
  7. Jebao wave makers

    for the money i think they re good
  8. Tmc signature 900 build

  9. new project in the planning stages

    i have decided to automate my ro system totally so the ro chamber will auto fill its self once a day which will be controlled by a timer , so assuming the float is down in the ro chamber then the pressure switch will make and open up the solenoid and also start the pressure pump , but i want to go 1 stage further , i want another solenoid to open up for 2 mins to flush the filters first i purchased a 2 chanel heating programmer which has 2 of 240v outputs but i needed it to be 12v dc so the float switches and solenoids are only 12v , so took it apart and found the 2 relays inside then broke the soldered track going to the relays and soldered another wire to them from a 12v transformer so i now have a 2 chanel programmer that can turn on and off 12v dc so chanel 1 will energise the main solenoid and the flush solenoid for 2 mins then close then 1 min later chanel 2 will open up the main solenoid and fill the ro chamber and the salt water mixing tank ready for the weekends water change thats the plan anyway , all i need to do is wire it all up to work
  10. new project in the planning stages

    Sockets all wired in. And the to chamber has the float fitted and the return pump area has the auto top up float switch installed.
  11. new project in the planning stages

    baffles are all in the sump and the ro water divider . also as my water in the sump is going to be 450mm deep i have has some glass cut for platforms to sit the skimmer and the clarissa on the sockets are in for the hydras and the ro unit has been re fitted ( just got to install the ro pump later on )
  12. new project in the planning stages

    picked up 2 gyres and controller today ,also the bulkheads for the drains from AAC finished the stand and painted all up ready for the tank also picked up the glass today for the sump baffles so ill be doing them this week
  13. new project in the planning stages

    started the stand today also
  14. new project in the planning stages

    so thank to Roy i have a sump . he has let me have his old 5 ft tank to use for my sump , i have removed the weir it had and blanked off the 2 holes in the base also wrapped the back and sides with grey vinyl