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  1. Where the lid screws on, there’s a rubber seal. AAC can get them in easy for you.
  2. Rw8 wave makers

    Doubt it would be worth their time, they’re so cheap to buy the full item.
  3. I’ve got a spare h2o Reactor. Just needs the top seal. Yours for £15
  4. Bristle tooth Tang.

    That’s a nice looking fish
  5. Algae light reactor

    Yeah something like that. I personally use my spare Kessil Amazon sun, grows chaeto no problem.,
  6. My Four footer

    Keep thinking about it. Everyone seems to love them. Only pain is I have 3 down pipes.
  7. Algae light reactor

    Yeah you need a light. There’s plenty of options out there. UFO purple is a common light for it.
  8. My Four footer

    Has it really made much difference to the clarity? Did you run filter wool before hand?
  9. Algae light reactor

    I ran both with no issues. I no longer run the ALR, as I went with a larger refugium. Still run rowa, and the chaeto still grows like mad.
  10. Be interesting to see the difference going back from leds
  11. I’ve decided to move on my pair of yellows. I want to reduce the number of large fish, and have some smaller ones. I don’t want to split them, as they get on great together, never any bother. Looking for £85 for the pair.
  12. Phil's AC 5x2x2

    Treated myself to a new flow pump today. Popped in to AAC for a chat with Paul. Was looking at the MP40, but due to my glass being 18mm thick, it was on its limit, and an MP60 would be wasted. Although it would have been nice to link it all in to my ecotech setup. So I opted for the Maxspect Gyre 250. Got it set on gyre flow, and so far so good. The Tunze pump has been moved to the back of the tank to replace the 6025 I had sitting there.
  13. Tmc signature 900 build

    You just doing water changes for now?? Calcium is a bit low. How’s the kh and magnesium?
  14. Tmc signature 900 build

    Yeah it will have a couple of mini cycles as it matures. I wouldn’t worry.