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  1. Check out AAC and their New DiamondLine 100 Display Aquarium with custom Elos Bashsea Sump. All components are available separately, so you can utilize any equipment that you already have. Happy Reefing!
  2. New Catalogue

    Our New Catalogue is now available to download at The New Fish & Coral Foods: Shrimps, Cyclops & Blood Worm will be available soon! Happy Reefing!!
  3. New Products

    Arriving shortly after Interzoo we have three new Fish & Coral foods: Cyclops, Bloodworm & Shrimp. These are an alternative to frozen. Also we will have the Filter (ceramic) Blocks from Aquaroche and the new bio-rock and substrate. Check out our Facebook page for more details! Happy Reefing, Peter
  4. Planetpro LED Light

    Planetpro LED from Elos is different to any bought of the shelf light. Interchangeable LED strips, allows you to configure the light to your requirements. Expandable with a maximum of 12 LED strips (72 leds). Each light will easily illuminate a 120cm standard aquarium. With other LED lights you will need two or three to do the Job, of course it comes with all the bells & whistles!
  5. Potassium (K) is a very important chemical in biochemistry and cell biology. It is a major element in natural seawater with a similar concentration to Calcium, (levels of around 380-410 mg/lt). If in a standard aquarium, it rarely becomes a limiting element. In an aquarium where zeolite-based filtration (i.e. Filtra M) methods are used, its concentration often can become too low. In order to properly dose this element it is necessary to first test your potassium levels. To test properly we suggest the use of the Elos Aqua Test Potassium. Precise Simple to use NIST validated APPLICATION: Marine Aquarium
  6. OsmoController Digital

    The OSMOCONTROLLER Digital uses a patent pending sensor with no moving parts. To provide an adequate fail-safe the OSMOCONTROLLER Digital uses a small microprocessor in combination with our patent pending sensor to control the pump and monitor the top off of your system. The OSMOCONTROLLER Digital also has a manual top off button that can be used to use the system as a pump for occasional water changes and to fill a container with RO/DI water easily.
  7. These products are now available at AAC and Reefscape Aquatics!
  8. New Copper Test!

    At Last an accurate Test for Copper and as you would expect from Elos, calibrated droppers and Nist certified reagents! Available soon with an RRP of £18.95.
  9. We only use high quality components in our dry additives, so less is really more!
  10. Hi Folks, Three advanced foods for the Reef Aquarium: Pro-Skimmer is a Coral Carbohydrate for energy and ideally should be used in conjunction with Omega Amino Acids which are a blend of 18 naturally derived saltwater aminos. SvC is a bio-engineered zooplankton for all filter feeders, highly concentrated and packed in foil bags (no need to refrigerate after opening) supplied with measuring spoon. Regards, Peter
  11. SvM2 Marine Fish Food

    Hopefully most of you have tried the sample pack with great success! If not I think the retail sponsors on here have some left. The tub is 40grms and lasts a long time. You can use this with our Spirulina Plus as well. Regards Peter
  12. High Resolution NO3 Test

    Hi Everyone, These are now available from the sponsors on here. We will, also have a Copper Kit coming soon..... Regards Peter
  13. High Resolution NO3 Test

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick update on the NO3 High Res. This new test will be available to ship to us week commencing 20th february. The delay has been getting the colour scale an exact match for the physical test. Elos use real colour technology on all of their tests where a printed scale is used. Also, available in due course will be a Copper test. These kits will be available from the sponsors on here. Regards, Peter
  14. Welcome ELOS

    Thanks everyone for the support which is much appreciated. The new Nitrate (NO3) High Resolution kit should be with us in December, already had a lot of interest, so will update on here nearer the time. Regards Peter