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  1. ABBS Reef

    You will have room one day mate. Thank you for the kind comments.
  2. Not sure of exact name, thinking it may be a hybrid ? Been in my care for 6 months with no sign of white spot or any aggression . £30, collection in Rayleigh.
  3. It will be interesting to see how your coral reacts to the change. If I win the lotto I may go for a unit lol
  4. Will you still be going for the blue look on the tank Gareth ? Are there pre set lighting modes like on my ATI Sirius led units Sps/Lps miix ect. Martin
  5. Tom's four foot tank

    Lovely shots Tom, you will need to invest in a shoe horn if you want to add anything else ? Perhaps its time for an upgrade ? Martin
  6. ABBS Reef

    Hi Tom, thought it may be you. Checked out your tank build on here after I posted. How are things going ? Anything new in your tank. Martin
  7. ABBS Reef

    Thanks Darren.
  8. ABBS Reef

    Thank you for the kind words mate, I have had a few people from Basildon buying frags lately. Could you give me a name so I can put a face to the post ? Cheers Martin
  9. ABBS Reef

    Hi Guys My system has been running about ten years and has gone through various changes and extensions. Started with soft corals and metal halides, now have a mixed reef of sps/Lps with Led lighting. Listed below are the tank sizes and basic equipment. Display tank. 6 foot long X 2 foot wide X 2.5 feet deep. Ati sirius led lighting. 2 Tunze 6105 streams and Aquamedic ecodrift. Sump tank. 4 foot X 2 foot X 2 foot. 2 Marine pure blocks ( 8 inche squares ) Reef octopus 5000 cone skimmer. 2 Eheim 1260 return pumps. 2 Deltec reactors, both holding 1 liter of ATI phos remover each. 3 200 watt heaters. 3 head Kamoer doser. 3 head Jaboa doser for vodka dosing. 1 chamber of live rock. Deep sand bed tank and cheato. 4 foot X 1 foot X 18 inches. 6 inch bed of sugar fine sand with a thick layer of cheato above. lit by 2 50 watt red led lights on a reverse light time to display lighting. Frag tank. 4 foot X 2 foot X 14 inches. Plumbed into main sump. 6 x 54 watt ATI t5 light unit. 2 small tunze streams. Aquamedic ecodrift on pulse. The display tank is in my front room, all of the other equipment including the sump is in my garage about 8 meters from the dt, this is plumbed in via 2 50mm returns from two weirs. All of the pumped water returns are flexible 25mm pipes. The sump room as I call it also holds my ro/di unit, 400 liters of stored ro water and 100 liters of salt water .
  10. Corals are looking great , very strong colours.
  11. Hope he is happy at in his new home and works for you.
  12. my hole in the wall tank build

    The tank looks amazing Darren.
  13. My sump lights come on an hour before the display tank full goes off and about an hour after the display comes on. But the display lights are Led so they ramp up and down.
  14. All looking great Gareth, watch out for algae growing in your skimmer and reactors. The light from those lamps will grow algae everywhere.