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  1. It is simply amazing and puts anything i've seen before to shame The mediterranean zone features 7.4k different species in 155k , 80k , 40k aquariums amongst others plus more species and environment tanks. The tropical zone features 96k , 26.5k , 265k , 443k aqurariums amonst others along with a 700k tank with a 70m walk through And the largest aquarium 7 million litre shark tank with massive walk through, at one point it is 15metres from the tunnel to the tank wall, you can't see it Along with a massive dolphinarium, the artic zone with pengiun enclosure where it snows, and beluga, sealions etc. A massive outdoor globe aviary which you can walk through, a butterfly house, crodociles, 4D cinema, turtle breeding programme and loads more Loads of species and biopic tanks with rays and a huge variety of jellyfish whihc they also have breeding programmes for. The entire park is truly amazing and in a gorgeous area
  2. Local road trip

    Yeah getting there mate. Work has been mental so haven't really done anything, but now the cloudy mess that is my 4ft tank is being replaced with a 3ft on the opposite side of the room. We picked it up for Steptoe's as a cancelled customer order and it was just what the missus wanted Needed to be done as the had totally fallen out of love with the 4ft I'll bosh up a build thread when i've got a bit of time, maybe over the weekend
  3. Local road trip

    Tracy and I did a similar trip at the week end - and totally agree Marine Reef - as you say really nice guy, but outweighed by a few really concerning things in there Creation - That place will never change but i still go in there, makes me chuckle, not in a malicious way, first tank you see is the one on the till counter which has some ok corals in it but everything is smothered in algae as he insists on using NSW on it I notice you missed off the shop that is closest to you home ...
  4. Egg crate

    If you want a slightly nicer looking and still reasonably priced alternative, there are the Red Starfish Skimmer Stands They are available from a few online stockists if you have a quick google I don't think any local shops stock them, but the smallest one is £11.99 with free shipping from Aquacadabra
  5. As the title says is there a EMF vendor or somewhere that stocks Loc Line ? I'm in need of nozzles
  6. I dont think anyone had shared this yet It is the Daily Mail so don't expect any of the facts to be completely accurate, and i would take an educated guess that the reaction isn't something that can happen to everyone and requires a very finite set of circumstances due to the fact theres only been 3 cases ever reported. Intersting story about another potential hazard from reef keeping - as if my zoas trying to kill me wasn't bad enough
  7. Feature - The Background Picker

    Hi Trevor, this feature shouild be fixed now with the latest update i've just implemented. Your preference is saved locally in your browser cookie so you should only loose your selection if you clear your cookies or switch browser. Give it another go and let me know.
  8. Tapatalk is working again!

    Good news folks - Tapatalk is now fixed and the forum should be working again! I think i've got everything working correctly but if anyone finds anything that isn't working please make a post in the Requests, Suggestions and Comments section and i'll be sure to look into it as soon as possible. Incase anyone doesn't know what Tapatalk is, it's a free app available through itunes and the Google Play Store that alot of people use to browse the forum. Until i've got time to make our own app this is a great alternative to browsing the forum through your mobile browser as it has a couple of features like photo uploading that people tend to find useful. Cheers folks Kev
  9. With the latest update to the forum you can can pick your own background image form a pre-selected group I have uploaded. You don't like the school of Powder Blues? Then prehaps you would prefer a nice Lord Acan or maybe keep it old school with simple EMF blue background. On the top right of your screen you will see the paintbrush button as below ... Click this and you will get the backgorund selection drop down ... Simples! Give it a try. Personnally i prefer bright vibrant looking forums but i totally understand there are plent yof people out there who prefer something more sedate. If you have an image you think that will suit the background of the site perfectly thne please let me know and i'll give it a try see how it look, and if it works we can make it available via the picker. Enjoy .W. Note: This feature will not be available on mobile browsers or when accessing the site via an app such as Tapatalk
  10. IM Fusion 20 to Red Sea Reefer 250

    Hi Kev, Gotta ask, is that top down pic you use in your profile from your tank? Only ask as there looks to be some tasty zoas in there
  11. Zoas for Kevin

    Was that these pics you were linking to mate?
  12. I would agree - i think the guy took the video down and re-uploaded as soem many people told him that lol
  13. Just in case you guys ain't seen it - a 1.2m Bristleworm ...
  14. Ultramarine Marine magazine

    Yeah i just read this - i see she's got a patreon, this is generally used for people to get funding to set themselves up as social media celebrities which i gather is where she is heading. But saying you can't afford to run your main tank, then setting up a £300 jellyfish tank is a bit of a questionable decision in my humble opinion.